Cute Christmas DIY Nail Art Ideas

We love, love, love these cute Christmas DIY nail art ideas! Besides, they are easy to achieve and will add instant style points to your festive combos. For all those holiday parties why not spice up your appearance a little with a to-die-for nail design? Trust us, it will totally make a difference! It is absolutely fantastic how easy one can give a cool and show-stealing flare to their looks. Aaaahhh! We’re so ready to have fun and try one of these adorable designs! Oh, and if we’ll end up with some real conversation-starters, we think it’s worth the work!

So, if you too are prepared to play around and get creative, you should definitely dare some lovely Christmas nail ideas! These next talented bloggers show us how to get standout nails in no time! And we start with a too-cute-to-be-true snowman made by Camille from And boy oh boy, this is so wintry and easy to do. Begin by applying a base! For the snowman, make a semi circle and then a circle for the head. Next, with a dotting tool, it’s time for the eyes and buttons to appear! Then, draw on a triangle-shaped nose in orange. Don’t forget about the top hat and scarf! And on the other nails, draw some snowflakes for the whole winter landscape!

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